Donut Cupcakes

A cupcake that surprisingly does taste like a donut. This is also an eggless cupcake.

Christmas sweets

The time has finally  come, we have finished all those treats that only come out at Christmas time, white christmas, rocky road and the any time chocolate cheese cake balls.  It’s lovely to have these in the fridge to munch on at any time but it’s nice when they’re gone as we know the calorie intake will lessen.

The recipe for white christmas and chocolate cheesecake balls are in the file of RECIPES above.

Here’s to new endeavours

Here’s to new endeavours and a start to my blogging life.  My husband of 26yrs nudged me this way.

I’ve had many ideas in my head over the years, collected by raising 2 lovely boys to being great young men.

I hope I can string my ideas together in a meaningful way that shows you can live within a budget.  It’s all about how I can use one item, recipe, idea in more than one way. I hope you like what I’ve learnt from many friends relatives and media sources. Cheers

Cheers to 2014

A brand New year
A brand new start,
Make the next twelve months
Be the best by far.
Good wishes and good luck,
Are sent your way,
From January to December,
May good luck come to stay.

Chocolate Cheesecake Balls

Nice to have as a light snack or a light dessert.

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