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Where do my days go?

I have discovered since having my wonderful Grandkids, 2 of each, that I’m not as young as I thought I was and I’m lucky enough to be a Grandma in my 50’s. I work part time and baby sit 2 kids each Wednesday, I can tell you now I sleep well on a Wednesday night. …

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Happy New Year 2023

Life has it’s up and down and can certainly be interesting.

Frozen vegetables

I always have frozen corn niblets and peas in my freezer to me they are a life saver. I do buy them fresh when in season sometimes but mostly these are my go to frozen veges. I do also have frozen broccoli and cauliflower in my stash but I mainly use these for soups, casseroles …

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Boredom buster

Christmas cards, yes in my boredom of lock downs, and strong stay at home suggestions I’ve started on my stash of Christmas cards. I’ve also done some more inside house painting (yuk). Garden reorganisation. Wardrobe clean outs. Freezer cooking and other bits and bobs. What are your stay at home boredom busters? I need to …

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Are you a paper or digital/mobile phone calendar person. Do you have a fantastic memory and remember it all in your head? For me it all goes in my mobile phone and each sunday I write up a weekly (whiteboard) calendar on the fridge. My fridge calendar started many years ago when my boys started …

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