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Are you a person who has the same old same old for breakfast each morning or are you a person who decides on the day what you’re going to have? As long as I have my cup of extra strong Liptons tea, no other brand will do, with a little lite milk I’m happy. I …

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Tissue trauma

Ok so it’s only a trauma in my little world, but I absolutely hate it when I pull the washing out of the machine to hang on the line outside and find those dreaded white flakes all over the clothes. What’s worse is that I can’t even blame it on another it had clearly exploded …

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Strawberry season

Yes it’s my favourite season of the year once again. Strawberries never used to be my favourite as when I was a kid I’d break out in hives when I had one. Thank heaven I grew out of it as my Nana used to make the most wonderful strawberry short cake tart/flan with the strawberries …

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Dressing room curtain fix

Ever taken your clothes into a change room and the curtains won’t meet in the middle either due to the 2 curtains not being wide enough or they are stretched into a weird shape? My quick fix for that is to use your clothes hanger (the ones with the clip left and right that your …

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Books and magazines

I’m a reader I love my fiction, I like my paper books and I love my ipad (library app) novels. I still visit my local council library as there are a few series of books I like to read and the library is pretty up to date on their editions. If there is a series …

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