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Shoe shopping

My question today is when going shoe shopping do you take your own socks or pantyhose to use to try on the appropriate shoe? Maybe she wanted to sell me a pair to try on the sneakers? Bringing your own socks or stockings only seems logical to me, please tell me I’m not the only …

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Merry Christmas

Another year almost gone, yikes! Whatever the season, whatever you celebrate, enjoy. Cheers all, Kathy

I learnt something new today

Approximately 22 yrs ago I bought a cheap blanket, it was on the small side but at the time price and a child size blanket met up. It was a great blanket but the nylon count made it a tad sweaty and sticky if you got a little to warm. So I found an old …

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Sales sales sales

We’ve never really had sales advertised as Black Friday sales before, sure theword sales gets used a lot and many of them are at this time of the year but not Black friday sales, apparently it’s a thing over here now, who knew. I’m not above picking up a good bargain no matter the name …

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Are you a person who has the same old same old for breakfast each morning or are you a person who decides on the day what you’re going to have? As long as I have my cup of extra strong Liptons tea, no other brand will do, with a little lite milk I’m happy. I …

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