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Oil diffuser.

I’m not a huge user of oils and smelly things in my house, I much prefer an open window to let in the fresh air. I was given an oil diffuser for a Christmas gift a few years back and just popped it in our main bathroom, used mainly for visitors to our house. Unless …

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Easy water colours

This technique is relatively new to me I like learning something new. To use those old but not totally dried up felt pens as water colours.  If you have felt pens that are newly missing lids and you don’t know what do to with them here is how you still get some use out of …

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Making your own washi styled tape.

Really all you need are some thin strips of patterned paper or thin card, some thin double sided sticky tape or even the roller tape (personally I stay away from wet glues for paper, it wrinkles when it dries and it takes forever to dry). Using my chosen paper, I cut a nice straight edge …

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Washi tape, paper tape, patterned masking tape.

All one and the same thing, depends on brand and where you live in the world. This is one of the easiest cheapest ways to jazz up an envelope or paper gift bag.  Quick instant colour. We have Fathers Day coming up on the 7th of Sept so we will pack a few of Dads …

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Scrub up your scissors

Cutting foam double sided sticky tape is always messy on your scissors, at least for me.  Pretty soon they start to stick to pretty much everything you try to cut. Even the thin tapes will make your scissors sticky over time. I have various sized straight bladed scissors and I tend to work through them …

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