Oil diffuser.

I’m not a huge user of oils and smelly things in my house, I much prefer an open window to let in the fresh air.

I was given an oil diffuser for a Christmas gift a few years back and just popped it in our main bathroom, used mainly for visitors to our house. Unless we have had visitors it’s mainly a forgotten bathroom.

Eventually the smell dissipated, the sticks were a bit icky and the bottle not looking so good.

I do like my tea tree and eucalyptus oil but they are are mainly used for medicinal purposes like a bite or a cold.

When I washed my bottle out the coloured paint started coming off and it needed scrubbing. Replacing the sticks with bamboo kebab skewers made  great replacements for the scent reeds. I had the above oils, easy.

Easy to make your own as gifts with scents you know the recipient will like. Easy to top up and replace your  skewers in your own house. 

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