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Honey butter

My granddaughter loves honey on her bread or toast and now she likes to ‘do it herself’ but the butter is making it’s way into the honey jar and for me this just won’t do! So the quick fix is her ‘special’ honey butter. Easy 2:1 ratio of honey to softened butter (nuttelex or margarine …

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Freezing the tidbits

Frozen foods can be a lifesaver from the soaring prices of fresh due to our floods, high price of fuel or other factors within your area frozen seems to stay a more steady price. Whether it be cakes, raw meats, cooked meats, full dinners you make or the prepared store bought. Don’t forget the little …

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Scant, what does it mean?

What does scant mean when you’re cooking or baking? It simply means that you only want just enough of that measurement or a little under. eg; 1/2 Cup self raising (SR) flour, scant. Just a little less than half a cup.  

Raw sugar

Have you found a recipe that calls for raw sugar but you’d like something a little more refined/smaller granules? Just pop your raw sugar into a blender or bullet and give it a blitz. For me I measure the recipes raw sugar first then blitz and use. Alternatively you can blitz raw sugar to use …

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How to reheat … Corned beef

I’ve struggled with reheating cooked corned beef for years, do I slice it or leave it in a chunk before I freeze it? Defrosting in the in the fridge is my usual method, I put it out the night before so I’m not reheating from frozen. The microwave dries it out, slicing dries it out, …

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