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Scant, what does it mean?

What does scant mean when you’re cooking or baking? It simply means that you only want just enough of that measurement or a little under. eg; 1/2 Cup self raising (SR) flour, scant. Just a little less than half a cup.  

Raw sugar

Have you found a recipe that calls for raw sugar but you’d like something a little more refined/smaller granules? Just pop your raw sugar into a blender or bullet and give it a blitz. For me I measure the recipes raw sugar first then blitz and use. Alternatively you can blitz raw sugar to use …

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How to reheat … Corned beef

I’ve struggled with reheating cooked corned beef for years, do I slice it or leave it in a chunk before I freeze it? Defrosting in the in the fridge is my usual method, I put it out the night before so I’m not reheating from frozen. The microwave dries it out, slicing dries it out, …

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Half and half cake

If you can have a half and half pizza I see no reason you can’t have a half and half cake. A bigger cake or slice tray is preferable as it give you a little wiggle room for in tray mixing. As seen here in below picture I made a basic butter cake then poured …

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Leftover peppermint candy canes?

Don’t get me wrong I love a good peppermint candy cane but 1 or 2 is my limit. Peppermint choc balls is how you can use up  a portion of them. 350 grams Condensed milk 250 gram Plain sweet biscuits (Marie etc, plain sweetened) 1/4 cup coconut 6-8 candy canes (size depending) 4 tablespoons Cocoa …

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