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Egg shelling

Not a very egg-citing subject but I think a useful one. At work every Monday I shell 24 eggs, on tuesday I do the same it can be time consuming when your egg is not co operating and it seems every little bit sticks and you just can’t find the membrane to peel the shell …

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Do you rinse your fruit and vegetables?

I’ll clarify that to say do you rinse/wash your fruit and vegetables when you get them home and before you store them in the fridge or pantry? I never used to. I’d pack them away in my fridge or pantry and wash or peel them just before using. I do wash certain fruits now before …

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Waxed food covers

I decided to do some research on how to make these myself but found there are a few wax recipes to cover your cotton cloth and it seems it’s not as simple as I thought it to be. To get the best results it’s not just wax beads sprinkled onto your cloth, melted in the …

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Re using plastic bags for food.

I don’t reuse all my plastic bags, I try very hard not to have them at all but it sometimes can’t be helped I’ve found. The ones I don’t use go back to the store for the recycling plant. When I buy specialty bread, bread rolls or the like often come in plastic bags with …

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Tinned fruit cake

The ladies at work the other day were talking about a new way to make a cake that was quick and easy. It involved a packet cake mix and a small tin of fruit of your choice, in this case she mentioned pears. Including juice empty tin into a bowl and lightly mash the fruit. …

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