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Smokey paprika

My new favourite spice as a seasoning is smokey paprika especially accompanied by a little salt. It goes fantastic on hot chips, chicken, french toast and fried eggs. I’m probably behind the times but I’m working on this spice to see what else it’s good with. Is this a spice you use and how?

Make your own packet cake mix

My mum and I were talking packet mixes the other day and how she’d like to do a master mix like she did many years ago but now she has neither the space to store it or it makes way too much mix for her. We came to the conclusion that next time she made …

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Easy bread roll toasting

The easiest way to give the centre of your roll or bun a bit of a toasting is to cut it in half and pop over the slots on your toaster and pushing the lever down. Be careful not burn as the temperature  needs to go on a lower heat than your usual toast toasting. …

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Sausage roll, side join

Just for something a little different, when I made my sausage rolls today I didn’t use the usual roll and cut with the  overlap on the bottom. After a little egg wash/milk on the edge I just folded over and pressed the edges together with a fork. I egg washed the top and sprinkled with …

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Bounty (bar/balls) slice

I needed a pretty quick sweet treat to take to a morning tea and decided to make a bounty slice instead of my usual bounty balls. Press quite firmly with a glass  bottom the coconut and condensed milk mixture into a baking paper lined slice tray (28 x 18cm) and pop into the fridge. I …

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