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Waxed food covers

I decided to do some research on how to make these myself but found there are a few wax recipes to cover your cotton cloth and it seems it’s not as simple as I thought it to be. To get the best results it’s not just wax beads sprinkled onto your cloth, melted in the …

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Re using plastic bags for food.

I don’t reuse all my plastic bags, I try very hard not to have them at all but it sometimes can’t be helped I’ve found. The ones I don’t use go back to the store for the recycling plant. When I buy specialty bread, bread rolls or the like often come in plastic bags with …

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Tinned fruit cake

The ladies at work the other day were talking about a new way to make a cake that was quick and easy. It involved a packet cake mix and a small tin of fruit of your choice, in this case she mentioned pears. Including juice empty tin into a bowl and lightly mash the fruit. …

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Extra oranges

Silly me bought a 3kg bag of oranges when there was still half a bag at home. My husband likes to juice his orange every morning so we go through a few. Those extra oranges of course can be frozen. I like to peel and quarter them before I freeze chunks as I find the …

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Are you a rice rinser?

I either make perfect rice or gluggy rice, do I rinse as I’ve always be told to do and do I rinse before hand or do I rinse the starch out after it’s cooked? It’s one of those foods I like but often feel challenged cooking. It makes no difference if I’m microwaving or cooking …

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