Where do my days go?

I have discovered since having my wonderful Grandkids, 2 of each, that I’m not as young as I thought I was and I’m lucky enough to be a Grandma in my 50’s. I work part time and baby sit 2 kids each Wednesday, I can tell you now I sleep well on a Wednesday night.

Up until I started this baby sitting gig, one then two over time I actually thought I was fairly fit but I’m not sure now if it’s the mental or the physical that gets me in the end.

My boys are just either side of 30 now and at gatherings it’s so much fun to see the two of them chat  about their kids who are very close in age, who has what problem with what child and how they’re dealing with it.

I say this as my oldest two Grandies  turned 3 last week and this week (10 days between) and we had a party at our place for family.  Food, cake, games and a perfect almost winters sunny day with clear skies to be enjoyed outdoors …. mostly because the mess is outside. Keeping it all cheap and cheerful.

I’ve decided I don’t always need to be busy, I have the dogs to walk, the kids to play with, work and great family. Sometimes it’s good to do nothing.

Sometimes it feels life rushes by, other times you want it to slow down so you don’t miss a thing.




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