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Coconut Biscuits G/F

(Cookies, G/F)

Cashew nut bites


Chickpea Patties

I like taste of Falafels but  for me they are a little dry, I feel the need to break/crumble them up and smother them in Tzatziki, yoghurt or mayo. This is my version that is thinner and no so dry, a great quick snack or as a meal.  

Puffy Dogs

They’re simple and only take a couple of ingredients. They are a quick lunch time favourite for weekends. Frozen puff pastry sheets and your favourite hot dog sausages with optional sesame or poppy seed for on top. A little milk. Preheat your oven to 200*C, it should be hot to start. Cut your hot dog …

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Easy Banana Pancakes

The easiest way to make banana pancakes is to just blitz an over ripe banana with your measured milk and egg and make as the usual Pancake recipe If you wish to make them a little lighter due to the banana pop in a little extra vinegar and sugar (both to counter act each others …

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