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Paper towel

Replacing my paper towel, I’ve visited this before but I have found a way to add to my collection of cloths for wrapping my veg for the fridge, patting the juice off tomatoes before making a sandwich and when I pack a frozen piece of cake for lunches I like to have a cloth to …

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House maintenance

Painting a wall how hard could it be? The painting itself is not so hard cutting in, undercoating, 2 coats of paint. The sanding, the putty filling of 24 years of dents with rough and tumble boys, the again sanding, wall washing, taking off switch plates and masking up of skirting boards. Living here has …

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Reusable make up remover pads.

A while ago I was bemoaning the amount of the little make up pads I go through to a friend at work. I don’t wear make up every day but for some reason I seem to go through a few. My co -worker said her daughter made her own. Hmmmm this had merit, why had …

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Tinting my moisturiser

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier, I’m probably late to this party and everyone is already there. Make your own. I bought it every now and then it but never really liked the tint to moisturiser ratio, I thought over the years it may change, it didn’t. So I sat down …

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Are you a memory keeper regardless of whether you have kids or not? Once upon a time I kept most things from now Mr 29, I kept a little less from now Mr 24. I quickly discovered that while I’d stored mostly clothes correctly things like elastic/shirring or stuffing in animals that elastic cracks and …

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