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Kids Roll up bed

My grand kids are out of their cots and as we don’t have 4 extra beds for them to sleep overnight or nap on. I’ve made a couple (just the two for now) of these simple roll beds  that can travel from room to room, motel to motel or even camping. I picked up a …

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Online grocery shopping

November last last year I took the plunge and did my first online grocery shop. I did a click and collect with a pick up straight to the boot of my car. No bags thanks. So on the way home from work I had my first ‘shop to boot’ pick up experience. I’m happy. I …

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Kitchen appliances, there are many!

My pie maker decided not to work anymore.  I did have many good years with it. My quandary was whether I wanted to replace it or not.  I hadn’t really decided one way or another when I was out shopping one day and I saw a little samosa maker on the markdown shelf in a …

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Reuse, recycle, repurpose.

Not all fruits or vegetables can be bought at farmers markets and sometimes you have no choice but to buy packaged. There are times you can reuse some of that packaging. I have found that I have a use for the plastic containers my mushrooms come in, they stack in my drawers nicely to hold …

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Indoor plants

How do you go growing indoor plants? Luckily enough where I live in Australia it never snows or gets below 2°C in the winter and it doesn’t get above 40°C in the summer (no air con or heater for us) so our inside plants have the temperatures we live with. For me it’s all about …

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