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Shoe touch ups

I’ve discovered recently that there is an easy way to cover or at least hide for a time the scuff mark or the colour coming off your shoe. ( lot of shoes and sandals have the colour on top and a white colour underneath) If you can get vaguely colour coordinated permanent sharpie or nikko …

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I’ve never been one to have a ‘housework” day, I generally do things as needed so nothing piles up. The only time this does not work is when we have many days on end of rain and I can’t hang washing out on the line to dry. I like to get my stuff done in …

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Accidentally washed on a sticker label?

How do you get one of those pesky sticker labels off your shirt, hoodie or pants? While the clothing is still wet grab a piece of fresh sticky tape, press it down onto the gummy washed on sticker, leave for a minute or two. Carefully peel off the strip of sticky tape and the gummy …

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Decoration storage

Do you have proper storage for your decorations Christmas or otherwise, or do you just wing it like me and use what’s available? I have the one big click clack storage box that all my containers fit into. I sewed a sack a few years back to tie up and store my Christmas tree in. …

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Mat or rug grippers/non slip mats/anti skid mats.

They come in rubber and silicone, by the metre or in pre cut packs of various sizes and grids. I usually buy by the metre which comes in a very wide width and lasts for ages. I have 1 hallway mat that slips and slides and this stuff is needed, but I have a huge …

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