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Reusable make up remover pads.

A while ago I was bemoaning the amount of the little make up pads I go through to a friend at work. I don’t wear make up every day but for some reason I seem to go through a few. My co -worker said her daughter made her own. Hmmmm this had merit, why had …

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Tinting my moisturiser

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier, I’m probably late to this party and everyone is already there. Make your own. I bought it every now and then it but never really liked the tint to moisturiser ratio, I thought over the years it may change, it didn’t. So I sat down …

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Are you a memory keeper regardless of whether you have kids or not? Once upon a time I kept most things from now Mr 29, I kept a little less from now Mr 24. I quickly discovered that while I’d stored mostly clothes correctly things like elastic/shirring or stuffing in animals that elastic cracks and …

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Make up, how long is the ‘use by’?

It was pointed out to me many years ago what this little symbol on the side of a moisturiser/make up/lotion bottle or jar meant by a friend who works in the beauty industry. I myself use facial moisturiser and body lotions most days, the Aussie weather can dry out your skin pretty quickly even in …

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New vacuum

Wow a new vacuum cleaner can make all the difference, it’s not until you get a new one that you realise your old one didn’t suck. I like my second Dyson vacuum my old one was a plug in upright, they no longer make a corded vacuum so I now have the V8 which I’ve …

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