Indoor plants

How do you go growing indoor plants? Luckily enough where I live in Australia it never snows or gets below 2°C in the winter and it doesn’t get above 40°C in the summer (no air con or heater for us) so our inside plants have the temperatures we live with.

For me it’s all about finding that can do well in my house temps and lots of trial and error. I’ve found a few that I’ve been lucky enough to keep alive for a few years now and I’m so pleased to have that greenery in my house.

Mondo grass is just a clumping grass that is very hardy and goes well in my garden in the sun and in the shade so I pulled a clump up and voila! I have several small pots around inside that have flourished.

I was given a branch of devils ivy so experimented with planting in soil and popping a piece in a bottle of water and both have grown well, though the soil pot grew better.

Spider plants are another that seem to go well in my house.

Zygo cactus and other succulents (though you have to watch for dropped off bits that grow where you may not want them to.)

The best thing about these are that you can keep growing from the same plant so the cost is minimal.

Although I’m not hugely successful with a variety of indoor plants, the few varieties what I have do grow well in my winter cold and my summer heat.


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