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Frozen vegetables

I’m not generally a big user of frozen veg as my whole vegetable content for dinner unless that dinner is soup, I love frozen vegetables for soup. I always have store bought frozen corn nibblets and peas, these are my extras for salads, fried rice or to go with my other veg, these two I …

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Broccoli and cauliflower stalks

Do you eat the stalks off both of these vegetables? I only ask as I had a conversation a while back with a lady who was lamenting the long stalk on her broccoli as it was something she paid for but would have to throw away. I asked why she did not eat it and …

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For many years now I’ve never had the inclination to try cornbread, if we have a bread with our dinner it’s usually a garlic or herb bread, a proper bread with yeast. In my little quest to find gluten free snacks I found recipes for cornmeal (I usually buy polenta, which technically is an Italian …

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Canned salmon

My husband does not like tuna in fact he eats very little fish. If it’s fresh he’ll only eat it crumbed and fried with any hint of moisture taken out or canned salmon, not fresh, just canned. Sigh I love my fish and seafood. Fishing in fresh water or the sea was a family thing …

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Gluten free

Due to some Thyroid issues I’ve decided to see if I can modify some of my favourite recipes to make them gluten free, apparently gluten and thyroid are not friends. I’m trying to minimise my gluten intake not totally cut it out as I don’t have to and it’s not life threatening for me. I’ve …

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