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TVP – Textured Vegetable Protein

No particular reason for this brand except that it was $2 at my local grocery. I’m not vegan nor vegetarian. This is based on soy. I decided to give TVP a try simply because at the moment fresh vegetables and meat is  getting quite  expensive and I wanted not exactly a total alternative to meat …

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Shredding and freezing potatoes

 I’ve never seen them in store over here unless they are in a Cost-co that I refuse to pay a membership for. So I decided to experiment and freeze my own shredded potatoes. What worked for me. (pictures below, left to right 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5). 180*C pre heated oven. I peeled half …

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Honey butter

My granddaughter loves honey on her bread or toast and now she likes to ‘do it herself’ but the butter is making it’s way into the honey jar and for me this just won’t do! So the quick fix is her ‘special’ honey butter. Easy 2:1 ratio of honey to softened butter (nuttelex or margarine …

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Never underestimate the power of a cup cake.

No matter your gender or your age never under estimate the power of a cup cake at a gathering. It seems no matter what food is put on the table for whatever time of day eating, adults, children and everyone in between will always demolish cup cakes, along with everything else. I find mostly the …

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Yoghurt dough revisited

Yoghurt dough, I have mixed feelings about this dough and I’ve done a few experiments since I last posted the yoghurt dough pizza base. I’ve made ham and cheese/vegemite and cheese savoury scrolls, cooked in the oven. I’ve made  apple and cinnamon/caramel sweet scrolls, cooked in the oven. They’ve been with mixed success, I think …

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