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Creamy lentil soup

It was a recipe by default of something else not working so bear with my haphazard notations please. I read a recipe to make lentil burrito wraps of 1 cup dry red lentils and 2 cups tap water. Soak overnight. Blitz to fine/mush in a bullet. Little oil in a pan and pour in, flip …

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Winter 2020

For us here in Au it’s winter and right now we are about in the middle of it, so for me it’s soup time. I like to  make  a pot most weekends minus any meat, usually the vegetables that need to be finished or used up from the fridge. This large pot gets divided into …

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Top 5 fresh vegetables

What are the 5 fresh vegetables you always like to keep in your fridge/pantry, the ones you can’t do without? Mine are… Potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes and either broccoli or zucchini. I think you can come up with many hot or cold sides with these vegetables. What would be your top 5?

Food experiments

For me it’s food experiments in the time of … not a complete lock down due to Covid but we are very much encouraged not to go out unless absolutely necessary. Buying food is not too much of an issue as most things are one the shelves, though there were a couple of weeks there …

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Frozen vegetables

I’m not generally a big user of frozen veg as my whole vegetable content for dinner unless that dinner is soup, I love frozen vegetables for soup. I always have store bought frozen corn nibblets and peas, these are my extras for salads, fried rice or to go with my other veg, these two I …

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