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Gluten free

Due to some Thyroid issues I’ve decided to see if I can modify some of my favourite recipes to make them gluten free, apparently gluten and thyroid are not friends. I’m trying to minimise my gluten intake not totally cut it out as I don’t have to and it’s not life threatening for me. I’ve …

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Are you a sunny side up?

Eggs what can I say there is nothing like that nice yellow yolk staring at you from your plate just ready to be broken apart by a toast soldier, a chip/fry, waiting to be pierced and spread on your toast, mixed in with the grilled tomatoes and spread on a steak or sausage. YUM! Hubby, …

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Salad dressing shaker

How do you mix your salad dressings, do you just put  the ingredients into a jug and give a whisk or fork or do you pop it all into any container that has a lid and shake it all about? Now don’t judge me by the look of my salad dressing shaker why mess with …

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Cup a soup with rice and vegetables

The cream of chicken (or other flavours) cup of soup as I’ve mentioned makes a great sauce to go with pasta. Cream of chicken cup of soup also makes a great sauce to go over cooked rice and vegetables with or without chicken. The same making of the soup  using only 2/3- 3/4 of the …

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Cauliflower & Broccoli Rice with chicken

I’ve touched on cauliflower rice before, this time I decided to do the same with my broccoli and mix together, it was vaguely a ratio of 1:3 more on the cauli side. Use what you have. Blitzed the cauli I then microwaved it in a steamer with about  centimetre of water in the bottom for …

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