Never underestimate the power of a cup cake.

No matter your gender or your age never under estimate the power of a cup cake at a gathering.

It seems no matter what food is put on the table for whatever time of day eating, adults, children and everyone in between will always demolish cup cakes, along with everything else.

I find mostly the mini cup cakes which are so easy to make and decorate with just a touch of icing on top with or without various sprinkles, coconut, m&m’s etc, they always get eaten. They’re bit size.

Then there are the flavours of cakes and the tiny various papers they can go in … or not.

The best thing is that you can make 1 cake mix up, divide into bowls and add your colouring or flavour variations and get variety in the one baking.

Whether you make them from scratch or a bought packet mix they are always a treat.


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