Freezing the tidbits

Frozen foods can be a lifesaver from the soaring prices of fresh due to our floods, high price of fuel or other factors within your area frozen seems to stay a more steady price.

Whether it be cakes, raw meats, cooked meats, full dinners you make or the prepared store bought. Don’t forget the little things.

When you make white sauce/ cheese sauce/parsley sauce if there is some leftover freeze it in a small container.

Custard if you buy it but never use use it all (usually use within ?? days of opening) divide it up into usable portions and freeze it.

Crock pot/slow cooker gravy or sauce I always have leftover in the bottom of the pot, freeze it either in a large portion for another whole meal or in smaller portions to go over steak or sausages. Make sure you keep beef to beef and fowl to fowl.

When I make a curry there is usually sauce left over and more often than not it’s enough to go with another meal.

If you freeze it small you can use more than 1 portion at a time and depending on what it is you can mix and sometimes they become the best sauces ever!

Of course don’t forget to label what you’ve frozen and write on a date.

When defrosting sometimes they don’t  look right but if you’ve defrosted it in the fridge or the microwave most times giving a good whisk or stir and reheating will bring it back to how it was. This is most notable with white sauces or custard.

If you do small portions in ice cube trays (they come in all sizes) you can pop them out and keep in a zip lock bag.

If you’re like me a have quite a large freezer try to keep like type sauces together to find easily either in a larger click clack container or drawer or shelf, even a box.

So for those nights you bring home a cooked chicken from the store you can still do your vegies and out of the freezer you can pop out the bit of  chicken gravy or curry sauce from your last crock pot for a home made meal made a bit tastier.

If you’re buying jarred sauces you can still freeze but always check the label to make sure it doesn’t specifically say ‘don’t freeze’ (like some bakery items from stores). Don’t freeze in those glass jars, decant or use half and freeze half.

As usual play with it and see what works for you.



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