Washi tape, paper tape, patterned masking tape.

All one and the same thing, depends on brand and where you live in the world.

This is one of the easiest cheapest ways to jazz up an envelope or paper gift bag.  Quick instant colour.

We have Fathers Day coming up on the 7th of Sept so we will pack a few of Dads favourite things into a bag.

A while back I picked up some paper bags with handles in different sizes and colours so decided one of these was going to be what I jazzed up for him.  I have also picked up a few packs of paper tape from the $2 shop over the last year or so and now have a few to choose from.

Paper tape is also a quick easy way to add some colour and personality to an envelope and can be event orientated, Christmas, birthday, boys, girls, music favourites etc.

You do need to make sure all sides are stuck down especially if they are to go through the mail system, the tape rolls and tears the envelope if an unstuck corner catches on a machine.

If you have trouble going straight, rule a light line or just make a few dashes on the paper to keep you aligned.

So while I did my fathers day bag I decided a birthday is not far away  for another bag and I did a few envelopes to have ready to send.

These bags are just 3 strips of tape on a piece of card, trimmed, the dad stamped and coloured then cut in the Bigshot but can be done by hand. The happy birthday is stamped, corner nipped and a brad for embellishment.

The envelope is just one strip of tape and trimmed at the edges.

Washi paper bagWashi envelope

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