Frozen vegetables

I always have frozen corn niblets and peas in my freezer to me they are a life saver. I do buy them fresh when in season sometimes but mostly these are my go to frozen veges.
I do also have frozen broccoli and cauliflower in my stash but I mainly use these for soups, casseroles or vegetable bakes.

I have to say that after the recent floods/petrol hikes and COVID and the lack of availability of fresh items or the dollars being charged to buy my favourite items I’m doing a bit of a rethink on my frozen vegetable usage.

Trying to keep the frozen broccoli and cauliflower in the best eating condition I’ve found that you need to steam them in stove top steamerpot/insert and cook them to just al dente or they go mush when serving. The best outcome for all I think is to steam to serve, and if they are a little overcooked I’ve found grated cheese, white sauce  or gravy over the top hides a few of those serving sins lol.

Have you had to rethink they way you buy your groceries, green or otherwise?

My fresh vege I always try to shop local but sometimes that’s just not possible.

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