My cream of something soup pasta dinner.

Why cream of something soup? It’s cream of something soup because it’s whatever can of cream soup I have in the pantry at the time.  Usually cream of mushroom or cream of chicken  but works well with what you have.

Mix 1 can of soup with half that can of milk. Set aside. (see soup instructions, if the soup is condensed add the half can of milk, if the soup is ready to heat and eat you don’t need the milk, use soup as is)

Fresh chicken meat diced and pan fry lightly with a some sliced onion. (if you wish, throw in some herbs)

Pour in the soup and milk mix.

Add some precooked or frozen veg ( I usually exclude potatoes as you have the pasta for the starchy food).

Taste before adding pepper, I find salt is not needed but you may need more than the soup provides.

Simmer and stir (lid on) until chicken is tender, 10-20 mins.

Add cooked pasta of your choice and serve with herb or garlic bread.

If you wish to make this even easier use leftover cooked chicken omit aboves pan frying just do the onion.


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