Indoor plants

How do you go growing indoor plants? Luckily enough where I live in Australia it never snows or gets below 2°C in the winter and it doesn’t get above 40°C in the summer (no air con or heater for us) so our inside plants have the temperatures we live with.

For me it’s all about finding that can do well in my house temps and lots of trial and error. I’ve found a few that I’ve been lucky enough to keep alive for a few years now and I’m so pleased to have that greenery in my house.

Mondo grass is just a clumping grass that is very hardy and goes well in my garden in the sun and in the shade so I pulled a clump up and voila! I have several small pots around inside that have flourished.

I was given a branch of devils ivy so experimented with planting in soil and popping a piece in a bottle of water and both have grown well, though the soil pot grew better.

Spider plants are another that seem to go well in my house.

Zygo cactus and other succulents (though you have to watch for dropped off bits that grow where you may not want them to.)

The best thing about these are that you can keep growing from the same plant so the cost is minimal.

Although I’m not hugely successful with a variety of indoor plants, the few varieties what I have do grow well in my winter cold and my summer heat.



Are you a paper or digital/mobile phone calendar person.

Do you have a fantastic memory and remember it all in your head?

For me it all goes in my mobile phone and each sunday I write up a weekly (whiteboard) calendar on the fridge.

My fridge calendar started many years ago when my boys started all their extra curricular activities and  school and later high school and their part time jobs and later Uni trips to the city so on and so forth.

Now my calendar gets written up mainly because of my changing from weekly work hours and when my boys and their family is coming visiting.

…. and because getting older I seem to forget events a little more often lol

Shoes again …

After getting some of my winter shoes out to wear they needed a bit of a buff and polish from being packed away under the bed. A nugget of polish with a brush and cloth is not the only way especially if on all accounts the shoes are still in good condition. These little oiled sponges for leather shoes is all you need to give them a clean and a little TLC.

They also work great for  those special leather hand bags. No particular brands for the sponges whatever takes your fancy.

Shoe touch ups

I’ve discovered recently that there is an easy way to cover or at least hide for a time the scuff mark or the colour coming off your shoe. ( lot of shoes and sandals have the colour on top and a white colour underneath)

If you can get vaguely colour coordinated permanent sharpie or nikko pens you can do a touch up. Is it perfect no but it could probably get you through to wear them out for another season.

My red sharpie matched perfectly to my red ballet flats heel section.

How to reheat … Corned beef

I’ve struggled with reheating cooked corned beef for years, do I slice it or leave it in a chunk before I freeze it?

Defrosting in the in the fridge is my usual method, I put it out the night before so I’m not reheating from frozen. The microwave dries it out, slicing dries it out, in a pan dries it out.

Last night I par cooked my vegetables to make a vegetable bake. I took the steam basket out of the pot that still had a reasonable amount of water in the bottom then popped my uncut defrosted piece of cooked corned beef in the water to simmer, not boil,  while I did the vegetable bake.

WOW why did I not think of this earlier. I boil my corned beef so it’s not like it’s not used to the water and  the water still had the juices of the vegetables to keep it flavoured.

YES! Now I know how to reheat my corned beef and keep it juicy. Dinner was wonderful.

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