Shoes again …

After getting some of my winter shoes out to wear they needed a bit of a buff and polish from being packed away under the bed. A nugget of polish with a brush and cloth is not the only way especially if on all accounts the shoes are still in good condition. These little oiled sponges for leather shoes is all you need to give them a clean and a little TLC.

They also work great for  those special leather hand bags. No particular brands for the sponges whatever takes your fancy.

Shoe touch ups

I’ve discovered recently that there is an easy way to cover or at least hide for a time the scuff mark or the colour coming off your shoe. ( lot of shoes and sandals have the colour on top and a white colour underneath)

If you can get vaguely colour coordinated permanent sharpie or nikko pens you can do a touch up. Is it perfect no but it could probably get you through to wear them out for another season.

My red sharpie matched perfectly to my red ballet flats heel section.

How to reheat … Corned beef

I’ve struggled with reheating cooked corned beef for years, do I slice it or leave it in a chunk before I freeze it?

Defrosting in the in the fridge is my usual method, I put it out the night before so I’m not reheating from frozen. The microwave dries it out, slicing dries it out, in a pan dries it out.

Last night I par cooked my vegetables to make a vegetable bake. I took the steam basket out of the pot that still had a reasonable amount of water in the bottom then popped my uncut defrosted piece of cooked corned beef in the water to simmer, not boil,  while I did the vegetable bake.

WOW why did I not think of this earlier. I boil my corned beef so it’s not like it’s not used to the water and  the water still had the juices of the vegetables to keep it flavoured.

YES! Now I know how to reheat my corned beef and keep it juicy. Dinner was wonderful.

Half and half cake

If you can have a half and half pizza I see no reason you can’t have a half and half cake.

A bigger cake or slice tray is preferable as it give you a little wiggle room for in tray mixing.

As seen here in below picture I made a basic butter cake then poured the batter in to a slice tray (28x18cm).

I sprinkled  some chocolate chips on top, carefully with a skewer (my implement of choice when mixing like this) I pushed some chips down into batter and sort of stirred them in, more on top. Topped with shredded coconut.

The other half I had a fresh pear that I peeled cored and sliced, place on the top of the other half then sprinkled with a little mixed spice.

Baked as usual. Cooled to half way in the tray then turned onto a wire rack.

An easy way to give a little variety. Works just as well with a chocolate cake mix or other.

Apples or peaches or banana for other fruits and sultanas or mixed fruit for the other side, the choices are yours.

Creamy lentil soup

It was a recipe by default of something else not working so bear with my haphazard notations please.

I read a recipe to make lentil burrito wraps of 1 cup dry red lentils and 2 cups tap water. Soak overnight. Blitz to fine/mush in a bullet. Little oil in a pan and pour in, flip and cook other side. Needless to say for me it stuck to the bottom of the pan, it was crepe like and it didn’t work for me. Tasted ok and looked more like a scrambled egg omelette when I was done.

What to do with the rest of the lentil mush in the bullet, it was only lentils and water but it seemed a waste. I put it back in the fridge.

Today I made vegetable soup. 1 chicken bullion cube a couple-ish cups of water and a couple of handfuls of frozen mixed veg. Everything was almost cooked.

It then dawned on me that I could use my lentil mush in my soup, it’s healthy. I turned the pot down low and added the lentil mush and wow just like that while stirring it into the pot it got nice and creamy. I let it simmer for a bit longer and  added a few spices my favourite being the anything seasoning . 

Vegetables are whatever you wish them to be.  No reason you can’t use fresh.  Adapt your water level.

I’m really happy with this as my hubby likes a creamy soup. You can’t taste the lentils. It’s very filling. To make it more of a meal add some chopped cooked chicken or turkey.

The most preparation would be to soak the red lentils  making sure you popped them in to soak overnight to soften.


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