Kids Roll up bed

My grand kids are out of their cots and as we don’t have 4 extra beds for them to sleep overnight or nap on. I’ve made a couple (just the two for now) of these simple roll beds  that can travel from room to room, motel to motel or even camping.

I picked up a couple of double (Au) bed sized doonas/ duvet/ comforter/ continental quilt or similar to be my mattress.

Fold in half and tack stitch together so the sides and a few stitches in the middle  so it doesn’t move when being slept on. (If you’d like a slightly thicker mattress for the roll bed get a bigger size doona and fold it in thirds.)

From the fabric store I picked up some fabric that was on special. The measurements to make a slip cover was about 15 cm wider than the double folded doona and about 15cm longer. This for making sure there’s enough fabric to join the sides and to double fold each end to sew on some velcro to keep it closed. If you are uncertain give a little more and you can trim off if needed. For me it was 4 metres length of fabric by 1m wide. Folded in half 2m X 2m.

Fold fabric in half 2m X 2m and sew down each side. Turn your rather large slip inside out. Your folded and tacked together doona should slip in and out easily for washing. Fold the excess at the open end in half and half and sew around. Sew in at least 2 pieces of velcro of about  8cm length. Looped on on front and fluffy on the other making sure then the slip is closed they match. Other option for closing buttons and button holes

To give a bit of softness to the mattress on the floor I popped in a yoga mat for the base.

At home these get used as a seat for reading or watching TV, the unfolded to use as a nap bed.

If camping or a motel they have cotton rope to tie them up (1 each end) like a bedroll to carry.  A personal blanket can be rolled up inside with the mattress.

Can be as cheap or as expensive as you wish to make depending on your fabric, doona, yoga mat.

Only needs straight stitching machine experience for the slip. Just needle and thread for the tack stitching of doona, it doesn’t have to be tidy.

Any questions, just ask as I made this up as I went along and my explanation can be a bit rambling.

I baby sit on a Wednesday and this is my nap time space.


Condensed Milk

Condensed milk usually only gets used for rum balls at Christmas time in our house simply because  I don’t really have recipes that I like that use a whole tin, I don’t like to waste stuff.

I found out the other day that condensed milk is freezable, it doesn’t go hard or really change it’s texture because of the sugar content. I freeze coconut milk and cows milk as they are the ones I consistently use and some times have leftovers to use for a later date.

At the time I found out this wonderful piece of information I wasn’t even searching the net for anything in particular, this fact just jumped out at me. I feel I must now do more searching for recipes for partial tins.

Did you know you could freeze condensed milk?

Lemon pepper seasoning

Lemon pepper seasoning I feel is under rated. This is a seasoning I find you can mix with other herbs to give that little kick of extra flavour in cooking.

Lemon pepper on it’s own for fish.

Lemon pepper and rosemary for chicken or lamb.

Lemon pepper and sage or fennel, or both for pork.

Lemon pepper and dukkah for steak.

It can be used on it’s own and sometimes it’s a mixture of all the above on any of the meats as well roast potatoes. Just a sprinkle.

I’ve never made this seasoning from scratch but bought various lemon pepper seasonings from many brands over the years, to find the exact one I liked.

Is lemon pepper a seasoning you use?


Where do my days go?

I have discovered since having my wonderful Grandkids, 2 of each, that I’m not as young as I thought I was and I’m lucky enough to be a Grandma in my 50’s. I work part time and baby sit 2 kids each Wednesday, I can tell you now I sleep well on a Wednesday night.

Up until I started this baby sitting gig, one then two over time I actually thought I was fairly fit but I’m not sure now if it’s the mental or the physical that gets me in the end.

My boys are just either side of 30 now and at gatherings it’s so much fun to see the two of them chat  about their kids who are very close in age, who has what problem with what child and how they’re dealing with it.

I say this as my oldest two Grandies  turned 3 last week and this week (10 days between) and we had a party at our place for family.  Food, cake, games and a perfect almost winters sunny day with clear skies to be enjoyed outdoors …. mostly because the mess is outside. Keeping it all cheap and cheerful.

I’ve decided I don’t always need to be busy, I have the dogs to walk, the kids to play with, work and great family. Sometimes it’s good to do nothing.

Sometimes it feels life rushes by, other times you want it to slow down so you don’t miss a thing.




Meatballs and subs

Taking a plate of food to family or a friends informal gathering is something we all do over here in Australia.   The idea of “bring a plate” is to usually ease the burden of supplying the food on one person, cost. It also gives the plate bringer a chance to shine with a favourite dish or food that they are good at preparing and love to eat to share. It really depends on the event as to how it’s catered.

My contribution this weekend will be meatball subs. Easy to make and prepare before the day.

So today I made my meatballs and my sauce to heat when we arrive. All I have to buy are some small hot dog rolls. Some one else is bringing salad another will prepare some hot chips in the air fryer and provide a dessert.

My meatballs  ready to go into the rolls.



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