Frozen lunches

Now that my freezer is much emptier after the Christmas feasting I can catch up with what I need.  Today when I went shopping I bought 6 fresh bread rolls and some sliced deli meats. I made up the rolls with meat as per the usual meat roll, popped back in the rolls bag, dated, freeze. (keep for a couple of months)  Why do I do this, well there are those times that you really do have nothing in the cupboard or haven’t been shopping for a bit.  There are only so many vegemite sandwiches you can dole out in a row.   Sometimes I’m just in a hurry, I don’t have time to make lunches, this way the guys can just grab their own on their way to work.  You can make sandwiches, those I wrap in cling film first.  99% of the time they are defrosted by lunch and just as fresh as they were when you popped them in the freezer.

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