Bounty (bar/balls) slice

I needed a pretty quick sweet treat to take to a morning tea and decided to make a bounty slice instead of my usual bounty balls.

Press quite firmly with a glass  bottom the coconut and condensed milk mixture into a baking paper lined slice tray (28 x 18cm) and pop into the fridge.

I melted 1 x 200g block of dark (or milk) chocolate bain marie style (bowl of broken chocolate over a simmering pot of water) and spread over the top of the coconut.

My hint, be quick with your chocolate as the slice has been in the fridge and the chocolate will set fairly quickly once it hits that cold coconut.

Pop back into the fridge for  approx 10 mins.

Once the chocolate has set carefully lift the baking paper and slice out of the tray and with a very hot knife (boil the jug and pour over the knife edge several times between cuts) cut into squares of your desired size.

Carefully put your squares into a lidded container with and pop in the fridge.

From start to storing this slice takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. If you need to take it somewhere make sure you use a cold bag and freezer brick. Keep cold is best.



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