Nail polish

Nail polish is not just for nails.  I buy my plain gold brads or split pins at the stationary store; they are a lot cheaper, in boxes of 100 and in many sizes.  I buy cheap nail polish in various colours and paint the brads. For best results make sure you paint all around the sides (I do this first) then dab the tops and make sure they have time to dry well before using.  I stand them in a piece of polystyrene and paint a few in a row of a few colours and leave overnight.  ** I’ve used clear nail polish as a glossy highlight on a flower for a card or to highlight dots etc on scrapping card to be used (polish is thinner than the proper product so be aware it can spread)  ** There are many more uses for nail polish around the house, to stop a frayed thread, to cover a scratch, on the end of a shoe lace are just a few.

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