How to reheat … Corned beef

I’ve struggled with reheating cooked corned beef for years, do I slice it or leave it in a chunk before I freeze it?

Defrosting in the in the fridge is my usual method, I put it out the night before so I’m not reheating from frozen. The microwave dries it out, slicing dries it out, in a pan dries it out.

Last night I par cooked my vegetables to make a vegetable bake. I took the steam basket out of the pot that still had a reasonable amount of water in the bottom then popped my uncut defrosted piece of cooked corned beef in the water to simmer, not boil,  while I did the vegetable bake.

WOW why did I not think of this earlier. I boil my corned beef so it’s not like it’s not used to the water and  the water still had the juices of the vegetables to keep it flavoured.

YES! Now I know how to reheat my corned beef and keep it juicy. Dinner was wonderful.

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