The sandwich press

By the sandwich press I mean the one with the flat plates. Mine is a 4 sandwich  press, I love it.

Not only can you use a sandwich press for sandwiches, you can still use them for your paninis, or I’ve found any bread.

Great for a quick quesadilla.

If you are space poor in your kitchen you can heat up the press and using only the bottom plate NOT closing, make pancakes, fry an egg or heat bacon.

I use mine mostly for French toast. I know you’re asking, but when you close the lid don’t the press plates squash the single layer of bread soaked in that eggy mix? Strangely enough no it doesn’t, or I should say mine doesn’t.  It’s a plain old everyday nothing special Breville and quite a few years old now.  As the egg cooks and puffs up, the top plate rises. This may depend on the quality of your press.

The trick to not squashing your eggy bread is to not open the press more than once and only when you think it should be almost cooked.

Why do I love this method?  Because I can fit 4 slices in at once.  One each to eat while I egg up the next 4 slices to cook while the others are being eaten.   None of my fry pans can fit 4 slices of bread to cook at once.

You don’t need to butter the pan but you can if you wish to have that buttery taste on that eggy bread.

My French toast is a savoury one, into the eggs I pop in herbs of choice, pepper and salt when served.

Mr 19 likes his with Tabasco sauce and herbs mixed into the egg.

Fantastic with bacon, anything is fantastic with bacon.

Great with grilled halved tomatoes.  Or a pan fried herb, tomato and onion mix.

It’s a breakfast food for us …. mostly.

Very occasionally we make it with fruit bread (fruit and spice is good) we have the sweet version for dessert sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and a dollop of ice cream.  But much prefer the savoury version.

I know a lot of people who freeze this when cooked.  I don’t or haven’t simply because we like it hot and fresh off the pan.

This is actually something that Mr19 and his brother Mr 23 learnt to make early in the sandwich presses life, as it’s easy for the boys to do and doesn’t take long.  To them food should be instant.

It’s also much quicker to cook, as in the press it cooks both sides at once rather than having to flip it over at half time.  My boys seem to have mess troubles with flipping food in a pan, but that’s another story.

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