Freezer clean out

I’m giving my freezer a good clean out, food wise. My upright pigeon pair freezer is frost free, thank heavens no big lots of ice and defrosting.

Needless to say with all those little bits and bobs that I seem to be finding make for some interesting lunches or dinners. 4 party pies and 2 spring rolls, are these onion rings or calamari rings the surprise being when you bite into it etc.

I seem to be finding these small bags of bread that have been pushed to the back or somehow got put back in a drawer I wouldn’t have thought that would go (my pull out drawers are sort of sections.

Usually when my loaves of bread get to a quarter I put them in one bag so they don’t end up all four corners of my freezer. I buy a white loaf occasionally (have to have white bread for french toast) and usually use wholemeal and grain bread that is why we seem to have so many ‘bitsa’ loaves.  We are a crust family, we eat all the whole loaf of bread, no leftovers. I myself love a nicely toasted crust with a smear of vegemite with a cup of tea for breakfast.

Fruit/raisin loaf well sometimes it’s been known to lose both ends before it’s even made it to the freezer.

Yes I freeze all bread, (including rolls and buns) I take out the slices I need and usually by the time I’ve finished making the sandwich the bread is defrosted … and of course most toasters have a defrost function but to be honest I never really need to use it.

The other bits and bobs in the freezer if it looks ok it probably is but I must say there are a few other bits of cake or slice that have been in there for a while and have not been eaten probably won’t be, they’re out.

Meats, I don’t get that far ahead that I don’t keep a vague track of what’s in there and how long. Same for grated cheese or my berries or …. But if you’re not certain, throw it out and start again. Most zip lock bags have date panels write the date or use your painters masking tape to make a date label on containers, once frozen the food inside is mostly but not always obvious.




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