Recipe disaster save

I found a recipe for flapjacks they seem to be a sort of UK version of ANZAC slice so I decided to give it a whirl just to compare. I’m pretty sure I converted the OZ to grams correctly and I’m pretty sure I jotted down the recipe correctly but  as all sureties go I seem to have flubbed it. It was a very wet mix with the butter and golden syrup so I stirred in a couple of tablespoons of flour, it still didn’t thicken. In the oven it bubbled with the butter and syrup and didn’t seem to really set when baked and cooled.

I’d flubbed it somehow but I ended up saving it by breaking it up and making an apple crumble out of it for dessert … not my usual crumble but it worked just the same, I’d saved my ingredients.

Thing is I’ve done some of my best foods out of flub saves so unfortunately they can’t be repeated but at least I haven’t wasted good ingredients.

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