Easy art

First off, please don’t judge my photography too harshly, no matter how many times I took the photo it never came out right just blame the glass in the frame, I am. It looks much better in person.

I had a frame that I’d thrown out the old multi photos (this had 8 small photos total outer frame size 40 X50cm) and I needed a cheap picture to hang on the spare bedroom wall. I improvised and was quite happy with how this turned out. It only cost me $2.50 for the big sheet of card from the stationery shop.
Its easy for any sized frame, cut your circle use the leftover not the circle and stamp to your hearts content. Be careful where you stamp at the edges for a clear image (use a fine nikko/sharpie pen to touch up if needed). Keep a spare piece of scrap paper to mask when you work close to the edge you don’t want smudges on the background white.  Sign your art work.
This has a few verse stamps and the rest was flowers etc.

Don’t have stamps, don’t forget the printing basics of potatoes, carrots, leaves, make up sponges, hand/feet/finger prints using a normal stamp pad or paints.

Or other shapes


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