Chicken mayo

Many years ago when I worked at a fast food chicken place. While I was dividing coleslaw into small, medium and large containers I’d watch the guys do the prep work for their day. They’d take cold cooked chickens from the day before, pick them apart and put the  seasoning/stuffing into a big bowl. They’d then break up the seasoning and mix with mayonnaise until it all became a nice smooth but not too thick to spread paste.

Long bread rolls would be split then the mayo chicken seasoning was spread on the top and bottom of the cut roll with pieces of chicken placed in there, the roll closed and popped into the requisite foil bag.

When the chicken roll order was wanted it would be microwaved until warmed through.  It was a very tasty roll, I often had them for my lunch.

Making the rolls these days  but I put the chicken seasoning/stuffing mayo on chicken burgers. I make with the seasoning under the burger breast/patty and bbq sauce on top of the burger with the rest of the salad items I might like.

I must say nothing takes me back to the job of my teens like that beautiful chicken roll just like the guy used to make it at work. Give it a try.

You need …

1 bbq chicken with stuffing (bought or home cooked) Meat (picked) and stuffing separated.


Long rolls or hamburger rolls.

Try half the stuffing pulled apart (fingers are easiest) and mix with enough mayo to make a medium paste out of the stuffing and mayo mix and spread on the roll. There is no right or wrong way, do what suits you.




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