Shoe shopping

My question today is when going shoe shopping do you take your own socks or pantyhose to use to try on the appropriate shoe? Maybe she wanted to sell me a pair to try on the sneakers?

Bringing your own socks or stockings only seems logical to me, please tell me I’m not the only one who does this.

Waxed food covers

I decided to do some research on how to make these myself but found there are a few wax recipes to cover your cotton cloth and it seems it’s not as simple as I thought it to be. To get the best results it’s not just wax beads sprinkled onto your cloth, melted in the oven then brushed in, trimmed when cool. Yes these do work to a point.

These cloths are placed on your bowl, folded over the edge then warmed with your hands to keep them close to your bowl sides.  From what I can gather with only wax, the folded down sides crack and crinkle. When you take off this cover to flatten and clean, you start missing very small amounts of the wax.

When I found that out I looked at what else is needed to make these a better cover. Turns out for best results you also need a little jojoba oil with a little resin to make them a little more bendy so you don’t lose fine bits of wax in the fold, then to be able to warm them with your hands around the bowl for a better seal.

These are by no way leak proof, air tight or long term covers. They also have a work life of up to about 18months depending on usage and will degrade much much better than the plastic.

I’m quite happy with the 4 various sizes that I bought, with my silicone covers I bought a while back I have enough for short term covers for bowls and plates in the fridge. I very rarely use cling wrap. I decided this is one thing that I’ll buy rather than make as I don’t want to deal with the resin and oil. These do work and are something to consider.

They can also be used to wrap up a sandwich, keep together a few biscuits or cake, but not for long.

I guess it’s going back to the olden days before plastics, I may need to research it more.

Merry Christmas

Another year almost gone, yikes!

Whatever the season, whatever you celebrate, enjoy.

Cheers all, Kathy

Burp Cloths

After googling around for a bit I figured that the easiest way to make a burp cloth was to just cut my rectangle. I’d then round my corners with a glass for a simple over the shoulder throw. The second burp cloth I made I thought I’d go fancy and shape the around the neck portion which was easy enough to do with a bit of sketching until I was happy with my shaping.

Easy to then sew correct sides together, turn and top sew.

I did learn however not to do too much of an indentation on that neck shaping as you have more maneuvering on the machine while shaping, then you have to start snipping the corners and it’s just easier not to. 

In my below picture I used flannel as the bubs will be winter babies and not sure if I’ll need cooler cotton for later on I think that will more be bibs.

Ahhh things have certainly changed in the last 30yrs.


I learnt something new today

Approximately 22 yrs ago I bought a cheap blanket, it was on the small side but at the time price and a child size blanket met up. It was a great blanket but the nylon count made it a tad sweaty and sticky if you got a little to warm.

So I found an old sheet in my cupboard and put a backing on the blanket tidying up the edge with the backing being bigger than the blanket but tucking all the edges around and in neatly. Loved it as it washed well, traveled well (being a blanket and sheet all in one) and it’s aged well as I still have it.

As I’m going to be a Grandma in May and also June next year and it being winter then I decided to look at things to make for a baby. I found a lovely little blanket titled self edged blanket that looked exactly, though with nice mitred corners, like my simple tucked in cornered blanket.

Now I know what I did 22 yrs ago has a name, go me. They are easy to make so I’ll have a make a couple of baby themed ones.

My 22-ish year old blanket with a sheet backing.

Sheet (or any cotton lining)  bigger than the main fabric 10-15 cm all around.

Right sides together. Sew down both longer sides.

Turn the right way in so good side is facing out. Tuck under and under top and bottom.

Top stitch just the top and bottom end or go all the way around.

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