Cuppa soup (single or family sizes)

Chicken or beef or vegetable.


I’ve never been one to have a ‘housework” day, I generally do things as needed so nothing piles up. The only time this does not work is when we have many days on end of rain and I can’t hang washing out on the line to dry.

I like to get my stuff done in the mornings and preferably before morning tea time (10ish am). Mainly because it get pretty hot especially in summer.

My question is do you have a specific day of day of the week that you set aside for your household chores or or a time of day you like to get things done by?

Or it just gets done when it gets done?

Accidentally washed on a sticker label?

How do you get one of those pesky sticker labels off your shirt, hoodie or pants? While the clothing is still wet grab a piece of fresh sticky tape, press it down onto the gummy washed on sticker, leave for a minute or two. Carefully peel off the strip of sticky tape and the gummy sticky stuff should come off on your tape. If this does not get it all off first time, try it again.

This works best if it’s only been washed that first time and the item of clothing is still wet.

Could it work otherwise, possible but I’ve not tried it so can’t confirm.

Sesame crackers

Crumbed potato scallops

For potatoes that don’t fall apart when steamed or boiled.

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