Baking on the BBQ

Since being married we are now on our 4th bbq I think we have gradually been upgrading to better ones over the years. Last summer we bought our most recent bbq a nice oval large for the brand Weber. It has a lid that fits nicely, a grill that splits in two to take out and clean easily and heats so quickly.  I’m probably surprised at the time it takes to heat as my oven and stove top is electric, it’s what our house came with.

As summer is now only a couple of months away and this spring is hot enough to almost be summer I have been experimenting.

I’ve managed to make

Apple crumble

Bake a pancake over apple slices and spices.

Curried beef in a casserole dish.

Damper and scones.

I always make my pizzas on a pizza stone in the bbq now.

I’ve roasted trays of vegetables with roast meat.

Chicken wings and drumsticks.

I’ve been roasting whole beetroots to cool and eat in salads or eat hot with greek yoghurt, salt, pepper and cumin.

… and the usual sausages, hamburgers, steaks and onions etc.

I did find that I have to use a timer, or I forget I have something in the bbq as I don’t have that visual light on the oven to tell me I have something cooking.

It keeps inside the house cool when baking outside especially when it’s hot and humid.

I also decided to experiment with the gas bbq as electricity prices over here are getting higher.

I have used the bbq to cook some of these things over the years but I have had mixed results apart from the basics, probably as the bbq was to big, it didn’t heat well/not a good heating element pattern or it was just a crappy bbq.

Anyway give it a go, even if you need to jot down your temp settings for your bbq experiments, it can’t hurt to try.

Bonus, clean up is less!!

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