That ‘what’s for dinner’ rut

I love summer because once the weather heats up it means salads are on the menu and I love salads but as summer goes on you start thinking what salad tonight, you decide then say oh no I had that the other night and for some reason you get in a rut as to what’s to have for dinner, you just start getting bored and fed up with the whole thing …. or I do.  No salads are not the only thing we eat in summer but the most common and lets face there are some great salad vegetables out there.

Half the time I don’t realise I’m in a rut until some one at the dinner table says oh we had that the other night only with chicken.

My way of getting out of this rut usually is to sit down with pen and paper and figure out what are everyones favourite or most liked dinners, it’s usually then I see what I’ve missed and not had for a while and I keep that list in a place to be seen, the fridge with magnets or on the bench.

So being in that rut now I’m going to sit down later and figure out my meals that are most liked and start working my way through the list and get myself back on track.

How do you get out of that what’s for dinner rut?

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