That “What’s for dinner” rut 2

… so I sat down and wrote down some of the most common meals I make that my family enjoy and wrote down how I can take a basic and change it up, the list went something like this.

Spaghetti bolognaise :- don’t just use spaghetti pasta use any shape pasta.  Throw in any cooked and chopped vegetables.  Serve with herb bread, garlic bread or try focaccia bread, even plain old bread and butter works for a change.

Lasagne:- Use something other than the plain pasta sheets there are all sorts of vegetable lasagne sheets. Use shape pasta as a layer instead of a lasagne sheet.  Use burrito wrappers instead of pasta sheets. Potato thinly sliced used instead of a pasta sheet is nice for a change.

Mac and cheese:- over vegetables or over savoury meat and baked makes a nice meal.

Change your meats, where you’d usually use beef try pork, chicken or turkey.  Lasagne with a minced chicken meat is a great new flavour.

Meatballs:- Small with spaghetti, small pork meatballs with sweet and sour sauce over fried rice.

Meatloaf and rissoles:- Change up the meat, hot with veg and gravy or cold with tomato sauce and salad use a different meat.

Burritos:- Chicken/beef strips with salad and greek yoghurt.  Different meats with different beans and seasonings. also fantastic as a serve yourself middle of the table meal.

Apricot chicken over rice and veg.

Salmon or tuna patties or bakes.

Our favourite salads are rice, potato coleslaw, greek and tossed (anything salad) BUT we do have those ‘whatever I have in the fridge salads’ quite often.

As I said these are my most used go to meals, they can be made healthy or not so healthy that’s up to you and your ingredients.  There are also many more options but at least this gets me on the go to that dinner rut I find myself in every 4 or 5 months.

I hope this list has given you some ideas on how to change up your meals.


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