Cauliflower & Broccoli Rice with chicken

I’ve touched on cauliflower rice before, this time I decided to do the same with my broccoli and mix together, it was vaguely a ratio of 1:3 more on the cauli side. Use what you have.

Blitzed the cauli I then microwaved it in a steamer with about  centimetre of water in the bottom for 1 minute on high. Time does depend on amount in your dish so check times for your microwave. I did the same for the broccoli. Let stand with lids on.

While the broccoli and cauli were waiting I microwaved up some  peas and corn from freezer. I chopped some capsicum up and tossed that to warm in with the peas and corn once cooked.

Make up a cream of chicken (or other) cup of soup only using 2/3 of the amount of water from box directions.

With leftover pulled apart bbq chicken from the night before,  I heated in microwave to take off the chill then added the cream of chicken soup, microwaved again until the chicken was to the temperature I liked.

As all the veg still had their lids on and were warm I tossed all the veg, broccoli and cauliflower together. Spoon veges into a bowl, serve chicken and soupy sauce beside or on top.

Can this be done stove top in pots and pans, yes though I’ve personally not cooked/heated cauliflower rice other than in the microwave.

Cauliflower rice can be bought already done but I prefer to do my own, it’s up to you. Can’t say I’ve ever seen the broccoli blitzed up for sale in the shops but can’t say I’ve really looked either.

A good way to get in those extra veg and pretty easy to make.

I love these little steamer microwave dishes.

Books and magazines

I’m a reader I love my fiction, I like my paper books and I love my ipad (library app) novels.

I still visit my local council library as there are a few series of books I like to read and the library is pretty up to date on their editions. If there is a series and they have several of the book but not the last one yet you can request the next book (though no more that 3 months before release date) in the series to be bought …. and you get to be number 1 on the list, I know what it is to be number 34 on a list.

My ipad I don’t buy a book I don’t want a digital copy, but there are a lot of freebies out there and my council library have apps I found out via their online booking (for the paper backs) so that I can not only get my local books but books state or Au wide it opens up so much more to read.

There is also a magazine app that comes with my local library that you can download for most magazines that are new and old releases. I’m a skimmer when I read magazines they can be on and off my ipad in a matter of 10 minutes. I’ve also found that I read magazines that are not my usual fare, who knew I’d like a woodworking magazine?

Ask at your local library if they have any apps associated with your library card. I found that mine has 2 adult library book apps, 1 childrens book app and 1 magazine app and they all work off my very old library card.

Check it out.

Lemon coconut cake

Based on a butter cake packet mix.

1 Butter cake mix

Make cake batter to instructions on the back of the packet mixing in …

1 extra egg

1/2 cup shredded coconut

Zest of 1 lemon (leaving a little for the icing)

Bake as per instructions.

Mix the juice of above lemon with the little bit of zest and about 1-2 cups icing sugar to the the correct consistency. (If you don’t like your icing tangy use half water half juice) Ice cake when cooled.

Slice and eat or slice and freeze.

Personally I love the full lemon juice icing and is one bowl I love to lick out, yum!


Harissa spice mix seasoning

Appealing peeling?

Just a curious observation. When I peel a carrot I peel the top half towards me then flip 180* and peel the bottom half towards me then top and tail. Short and quick. I peel a couple of kilos of carrots in a day at work and find I can zip through quite quickly this way.

While at work the other day I was watching a new lady peel the carrots, she peeled the whole carrot length ways away from her and I though watching her do this it looked awkward.

I’m a towards me peeler. My question is do you peel towards yourself or away from yourself?

Of course you can do your peeling in whatever way suits you and as I said just a curious observation.

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