Coconut icing

Every now and then I throw handful of desiccated coconut into my icing, I think it’s nice for a change.

The coconut icing reminds me of the coconut ice confection we used to buy a long time ago at school fetes, selling with the sweets at the cake stall. That sugary, coconutty layer of white and pink stuck together and cut into cubes.  These days I don’t need all that sugar but every now and then I make a pink or white coconut icing for my vanilla or butter cake.

My icing consists of icing sugar, hot water to make a spreadable icing paste (usually with a touch of vanilla, optional add coconut essence if you wish, I don’t) and enough coconut that you think looks and tastes right, I have no real recipe. Just do what you feel is right.

I’m not a frosting person so I’m not sure how the coconut would go in a frosting but if you try it let me know your results.

coconut icing

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