Ferrero brownie ice cream cake

I don’t really have a specific recipe for this as I have many variations on a theme.

Brownie ice cream cake seems a good title.

I made a brownie, you can either make a packet mix or your own recipe as per usual instructions in a round spring form cake tin. Pop the brownie out to cool when cooked.

When the brownie was cold I put it back into the spring form tin making sure there was baking paper  on the bottom so it comes out easily when it’s ready to serve.

I softened up about  1.25 – 1.5L of vanilla ice cream, I then mixed some chopped chocolate through.

I cut some Ferrero Rocher chocolates in half and placed cut side down on the brownie. I then covered with the softened (like thick cream) and now spreadable ice cream gently pushing to the crevasses and smoothed off the top.

Lastly I covered the top of the ice cream with cling film so it was sitting directly on top then wrapped the whole of the tin in cling film and put back in the freezer.

Be careful as you need the ice cream soft to work with but not runny. 

Before I serve I will release the tin taking off the side, top with some strawberries and a dollop of cream and a few chocolate shavings. Christmas dessert done!

Can be done with any cake or even a large cooked and cooled biscuit/cookie. Any chocolate chopped and mixed through. Enjoy.

Edit: Things I learnt after making this delicious ice cream cake.

While Ferrero rocher chocolates are wonderful cold, not so much frozen, as in this dessert they were hard to cut through even with a hot knife (knife dipped in boiling water).

Next time I think I would try a chocolate to cut up that didn’t go so solid when cold/frozen so maybe try one before adding more to the dessert.

Will I do this style again, absolutely.

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