Party time, Lamington birthday cake

A birthday to celebrate last night, my youngest turned 19.  I made my first lamington cake, it was a challenge well met.  Not only did I make it a cake, but a chocolate lamington cake.

I made just a normal chocolate cake in a slice tray.  Baked as usual, cooled as usual. Cut off the 4 side edges.  Mixed up the chocolate coating and here in lies the challenge, it involved pouring the chocolate coating in a tray, sitting the cake in the coating.  Pouring the coating all over the cake making sure all sides were coated, scooping and spoons were included.

Using my superb juggling skills and a couple of egg flips, I lifted the coated cake onto another tray sprinkled with coconut.  Covered with coconut on all sides and lifted finished cake onto my serving plate.  No more moving that cake.  I fixed up those little bits that got knocked while moving and sprinkled with some extra coconut on top.

It was a lovely cake and everyone wanted a corner, more chocolate edges that way.


    • Jennifer Crewe on February 10, 2014 at 10:08 am
    • Reply

    Well done. Lamingtons themselves always seem so messy to make.

    1. Oh there was a mess involved and maybe a couple of swear words! I was glad my son worked until 4pm as it gave me plenty of time to clean up that mess and he had no idea.

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