Iced coffee

I make my own iced coffee, it’s cheaper and you control what goes in it,  for us it’s:

500ml Milk (low fat, no fat, full cream, your choice)

2 teaspoons instant coffee. (I don’t use brewed coffee but I guess you can use it)

3 teaspoons of sugar.

In a jug pour a tablespoon or 2 of boiling water over sugar and coffee to dissolve it a little.  Add milk and shake in the lidded shaker or stir/whisk very well in a jug.  Chill in fridge.

This is enough for 2 glasses, if you wish to top with whipped cream and sprinkle on chocolate, go for it.

Iced coffee can also be added to a chocolate cake mix instead of plain milk for that mocha flavour.

Add more coffee if you want a stronger flavour or more sugar for sweetness.

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