Food prepping …

Food prepping for the boys and their wives as both their bubs are due in the next month. I’m doing what I always do, feed them.

I decided that there was not much else I could do for now except make a few meals so when we go visit we’ll take a home cooked frozen meal or two with us for use when they  need it.

Nothing really exciting, meat balls with mushroom and tomato gravy topped with potato slices (par cooked) and topped with cheese.

Spaghetti mince bolognaise, I was going to make lasagna but I can’t find any pasta sheets in the shops and I’m not that confident I can make them.

Bbq chicken drumsticks.

Crock pot lamb with mint, lemon and rosemary.

As I said nothing exciting but easy stuff to reheat and add your own pasta, vegetables, chips or other.

Why am I not adding rice or pasta, to be honest I’m not a fan of either of them reheated from frozen so prefer not to do it, and it’s easier to decide on the night what to have with that cooked meat. Lasagna is my exception.

I’m not filling their freezer right off because they only have the freezer space at the top of their fridges.


    • Kathleen Caterson on April 25, 2020 at 8:30 am
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    A great way to help out new parents. The arrival of a baby, especially your first, can be a real eye opener & we all know how they like your attention at teatime. I’m sure they will really appreciate your efforts.

    1. Kathleen not much else I can do and we all need to eat.

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