Greek Yoghurt

I only buy sour cream if I absolutely have to, I buy Greek yoghurt because it’s better for you and in my opinion nicer as it has that little extra tang.

A yoghurt and sour cream debate came up between myself and a co worker and her main thing was sour cream is thicker until an other co -worker piped up and said you can “drain” Greek yoghurt in muslin to take out extra moisture.

Of course I had to come home and try this though I had no muslin. I found a small microwave steamer that has bottom, top and a slotted insert. Popping in a piece of paper towel or clean handkerchief  into the insert I put in 1/4 cup of yoghurt to drain,  set the insert into the bottom, put the lid on then back in the fridge.

Coming back an hour later wow you should have seen how wet the paper towel was then my thought was how am I going to get this out. No need to worry it sort of just peeled off, it looked just like sour cream. Do they have the same properties, no they don’t but I’m going to see how it would go as a cooking substitution.

The longer you leave it to drain the firmer it becomes so I think there is a guessing time for firmness you are happy with.

Now I’m wondering if this would work for other yoghurts so that this would be spreadable to go onto desserts instead of whipped cream ….. hmmmm now the possibilities are endless.



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