Double sided foam tape

It’s easy to make your own foam tape especially if you don’t use it often, don’t wish to buy a roll or you’re in a fix and want it now.

Cut a strip of thin double sided tape, place it down the straight edge of some craft foam.  Both sides of foam.  Cut the foam and tape strip along the edge of the tape.  You can then cut to size or shape, peel and stick.

If you don’t have any craft foam, in a pinch you can use cardboard, you just have to find the correct thickness for your use, or double layer it.

You would have more success with a roller glue on cardboard because of it’s firmness than you would with foam and it’s softness to roll on.

I’m not a wet glue user but I see no reason why you couldn’t use glue if that is what you use often, do a sample and see how it turns out.

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