Chocolate cheesecake cups

I bought some small chocolate cups to make a special snack for Christmas day but everyone bought not only a salad but a sweet of some sort so I didn’t end up making these.  Yesterday I did.

This is just a fancy version of the chocolate cheesecake balls.

I made up the mix as usual, but instead of rolling mixture into balls then coconut I spooned, or you could pipe the mixture into little chocolate cups  I sprinkled on some chopped chocolate, then let set in the fridge.

What else can you do with the mix …

Spread or pipe cheesecake on chocolate ripple biscuits or on marie biscuits.

Try lemon cheesecake with lemon cream biscuits and some lemon juice to taste.

I’ve done both and they are very tasty and easy.

In this picture I used a different cream biscuit to oreos and the mix turned out lighter.

cheese cake choc tubs

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