Garlic or Herb bread

It still amazes me how many people I see putting pre made garlic bread in their shopping trolleys.  All you need is a bread roll of your choice, for me it’s any white roll I can find in the freezer.  In one hot dog or hamburger roll you can cut 4-6 slices, not quite all the way through, spread on margarine or butter and sprinkle with herbs.  Soften up your marg or butter adding as much garlic as you like, then spread onto your roll (any leftover garlic butter can be stored in fridge for another time or cooking a steak).  You can either wrap this roll in foil and bake in a heated 180*C oven for  10-15 mins for a soft garlic bread (then open the foil for a few mins to crisp up a little).   I have a tendency to put the roll on a tray/dish and pop in as is.  We like crusty garlic bread.

1 roll works for us (now 3 at home) as I get 6 slices. It is only an accompaniment to a meal so the slices for us don’t need to be huge but you can of course use more than one roll for your meal if you wish.

Fresh garlic is best but jarred works just as well.

Try garlic and herbs together.

Mix a little grated parmesan cheese into the butter.
Of course you can use grain or wholemeal rolls.
You can use turkish bread or rolls if you wish.

Spread one roll with garlic butter and another with herb butter.

I always have a packet of rolls of some sort in my freezer, they are very versatile.

This is great if you have unexpected visitors and wish to stretch a meal further.  Turn on the oven to heat.  The rolls can be defrosted in the microwave quickly, cut, buttered,  and  before you know it dinner will be ready and so will be your garlic bread.

Much much cheaper than store bought.

It is that easy.


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    • Jan McDonald on February 5, 2014 at 8:38 am
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    Great tip, I never buy garlic bread either. I have Artisan rolls in my freezer compartment, so I use butter spray and fresh garlic, and pop them in the oven. So yummy and better for you. I also never use jarred garlic I hate storing it in the fridge for it makes everything else have a garlic taste, like our skim milk or butter. We never buy buns for hotdogs or burgers, we always just use our whole wheat bread. That is how we do it in our neck of the woods. (Michigan)

    1. Janet, you can buy spray butter? I’ve personally never seen it over here.
      I do use jarred garlic but I check the ingredients, sometimes it’s full of vinegar and it’s not a nice flavour, but I do use fresh garlic as well, it’s one of those ‘depends on’ things. I have used multi grain rolls but as garlic bread is not something we eat at every meal and we have grain bread all the other times, I make an exception.

    • Jennifer Crewe on February 5, 2014 at 10:06 am
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    I usually buy garlic bread frozen in slices I put under the grill because I only want one slice at a time. Also if I tried to make it myself it would go something like this.

    1. Thaw bun in microwave to discover it goes as tough as old boots. Microwaved too long!

    2. discover that the garlic I bought recently has dried out and therefore no good.

    3. No parmesan cheese

    4. No idea what herbs or how many make the bread taste the way I want it to.

    So there in a nutshell is why I buy mine and only eat it infrequently.

    Thanks for the tips Kathy, I love reading and maybe I will try again sometime soon to make my own garlic bread. At least I will feel guilty when I reach into the freezer for my next slice. lol

    1. Jennifer,
      I have cut thick slices of vienna loaf, spread with just butter and herbs then popped under the griller, this gives the kinda sizzler styled bread. You can do as much or as little as you like then.
      In my microwave for 1 bread roll it take only about 20 seconds to defrost enough for me slice. I prefer to go under time and leave on the bench to defrost the rest if you’re short of time.
      Parmesan is an option I use occasionally, more often than not for a family dinner or such.

      Personally I find any kind of roll versatile and it’s a challenge to see what I can come up with for them 🙂

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