One month is almost over

I can’t believe that we are on the last day of January already. 1 month of this blog that I hope has some ideas for you, and they are only ideas for you to pick out what is applicable to you and to leave what you don’t like. Every family is different.

Funny how when the new year kicks over the first thing you think of is whose birthday is coming up. My family and friends birthdays have been transcribed to my calendar, for us it’s 3 down and  2 more next week, then the rest of the year.


    • Jan McDonald on February 2, 2014 at 3:13 am
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    Valentine’s Day is coming Feb 14, do you have any ideas for making this day special for our loves?

    1. Hi Janet, we are not really Valentines Day celebrators we do our sweetheart stuff on our anniversary.
      For that it’s whatever my hubbys favourite meal is and a special dessert, or we go out to dinner.
      How about a look through your wedding album or other photo album that means a lot to you both, reminisce about old times and ‘do you remember when?’
      It could be just little surprises throughout the day to make it special, a sweet note or two in an odd places he’s sure to visit, a kiss or hug for absolutely no reason.
      At dinner time set the table in a fancy way or to a theme. Figure out what Valentines means the most to you both and go with the flow.
      I hope this leads to a spark of an idea for you to have a great Valentines day.

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