Are you a rice rinser?

I either make perfect rice or gluggy rice, do I rinse as I’ve always be told to do and do I rinse before hand or do I rinse the starch out after it’s cooked? It’s one of those foods I like but often feel challenged cooking.
It makes no difference if I’m microwaving or cooking on the stove which I’ve found take approx the same to cook. I have issues with long grain rice.

I do use arborio rice (short grain) to make my creamed rice (stove top cooking in milk, when cooked add vanilla and sugar to taste, serve hot or cold) and it’s never failed it’s the long grain stuff I have issues with mostly … maybe I’ve just never taken the time to actually check it out and just gone blithely on my merry way on what I think is the way to cook rice.

How do you cook yours?

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