Gift wrapping

Size matters, well it does when you’ve run out of gift wrap and need to find something on hand to cover your gift and make look pretty, look good and you’ve no time to run to the shops to get any.

aMaking/personalising a gift bag can be as easy or as complicated as you’d like to make it, the easiest way is to jazz up a plain paper lunch bag which I have a stash of for such occasions. Simply print out a verse for the occasion and cut into a shape. You could also stamp sentiments if you have them or hand write a greeting. Can’t cut out a shape jazz up your greeting with washi or patterned paper tape you can buy almost anywhere. Bows and ribbons still apply. Stamp or draw pictures over the bag to personalise it. Seal it at the back or seal it at the front with the pretty bow. Paper bags also come in many sizes and are best of all very cheap.

Don’t want or have a lunch bag to jazz up how about using a serviette/paper napkin to do the job it’s like using tissue paper though be careful of tearing. Pop on some ribbon and a gift tag and you’re good to go.

These options don’t sound fancy but they can look really good depending on how detailed you wish it to be and can be great if you have either of these things on hand when you’re lacking paper.

Size does matter because these options are for smaller gifts unless you have really large lunch bags and huge paper napkins, but it’s all about options.


    • Diana L. Overby on June 18, 2019 at 11:02 pm
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    I am loving your many ideas! Wish I had known about your blogs and checked them out ! (before I had knocked myself out wasting time as I am creative, but not always!…).

    1. Welcome Diana. I have an eclectic mix of subjects on my blog, have fun looking around

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