Christmas cleaning – Decorations

Now that Christmas has been and gone how long does it take you to take down your decorations and pop them away for another year? Do you sort through them to figure out if they need repair, cleaning or no longer want them at all, are you a sentimental keeper of decorations and have pretty much every one from the kids, from friends and travels over many years?

Me I went on a big cull of my decorations after giving my boys their personal tree decorations when they all moved out of home. It seems that each year a few less get put out and a couple more get thrown out, the amount of decorations being put up seem to ebb and flow, I don’t throw them out but I don’t always put them up. I guess this makes for different styles and colours to decorate our house in each year, variety and all that.

Of course hubby goes big with the lights outside so it’s covered they get taken down new years day, or I should say they start being taken down Jan1 as it tends to take a while and of course the summer heat.

Fake tree for us as a real one would die in our summer heat and I don’t like the thought of a chopped down tree dying just for my pleasure for a few weeks.

Whatever you celebrate I hope your season was a good one.

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