Quick dips

Do you have a few quick dips you can throw together at short notice, with ingredients you keep in your fridge or pantry if guests pop in on short notice?

My quick go to ones would be …

Sour cream or thick Greek yoghurt mixed with a little sweet chili sauce with a little more sauce poured over the top.

Sour cream or thick Greek yoghurt mixed with French onion soup mix (taste along the way).

Sour cream or thick Greek yoghurt mixed with salsa.

Sour cream mixed with sweet mustard pickles.

Don’t have dipping crackers use saladas/saltines broken into squares. Cut crusts off bread, cut into quarters and toast in the oven then cool. Cut and oven baked pocket bread, burrito wrappers. Thin sliced hot dog rolls or French stick oven baked and cooled.

Don’t have thick Greek yoghurt, sit a couple of tablespoons of normal Greek yoghurt on some paper towel for a couple minutes to drain and you’re good to go.

There are many options in your cupboard and sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. Great to play around with for weekend snacks.

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