Bun toasting

Ok so it’s bun toasting to a point. When making burgers I like to toast the cut inside, spread with butter and whatever sauces then the chosen toppings, the outside stays soft and easy to manage.

I’ve found the easiest way to achieve this is to turn your toaster on slightly lower than what you usually do your toast, put the cut sides down onto the toaster opening then  push the plunger button down (your buns sit on top not in). I have a 4 slice toaster so I can do 2 buns at a time.

Of course if I have more than 4 buns I tend to do  under the griller as you can do many more at a time or if you have a large fry pan you can butter and toast them that way. There are options.

I also love to do this with my fruit buns (un iced), it warms them up a little to let that lovely cinnamon smell out and the butter melts so nicely into it, yum.


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