Chicken nuggets

My youngest is 19 and his request for dinner for tonight was chicken nuggets.  He said, Mum we’ve not had them for ages and I like yours.  How can you say no to that?

Really they are a nugget due to size so just cut your chicken breasts to about 3cm squares or cubes.  Size doesn’t doesn’t really matter but uniformity in size sorta does.

After cutting your chicken breasts, toss in some plain flour (it can be wholemeal or white) with the seasoning of your choice, mine are usually either mixed herbs, lemon rosemary, Portuguese seasoning or whatever takes my fancy, I’ve done them with curry and Indian seasonings.

Mix 1 or 2 eggs with some milk to dip the floured chicken pieces into. Toss pieces in breadcrumbs.  This can be done a couple of hours in advance, covered and kept in the fridge until needed.

Pan fry in a little heated oil turning over until cooked and nicely browned.  Serve with a dipping sauce if you wish …. or not.

We will be having chips and a tossed Greek salad with our nuggets for dinner tonight.

They may seem a bit fiddly but they are well worth it and so much better than the bought ones with the questionable fillers.


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