Cheesy Stuff

It was time to grate more cheese (I used cheddar) for the freezer, I’d run out.

I had that 1kg block to grate so popped it in the food processor and off I went.

Those little bits left in that didn’t grate from the top of the grating plate were chopped up for later use.

Then I thought, well I’d used cheese in the food processor I’ll make some cheese and parsley scones (cheese and parsley biscuits in some parts of the world)

Just use the basic scone recipe. 

I added the chopped up bits of leftover cheese, a handful of grated cheese and some chopped fresh parsley.

The sugar was halved and I added some ground pepper and a little salt to the dough.

Cheese was sprinkled on top and they were baked in a 220*C oven.

They were lovely warm out of the oven with butter.

Oh and I realised as I was putting butter on my nice warm cheese scone that I didn’t actually put any butter into the dough mix, I’m guessing the cheese had enough fat to make them come out nicely still, so if you wanted to keep that fat content down maybe halve the butter in the recipe. They are also a bit free form as I kinda grabbed a bit and rounded into a ball rather than flatten and use a scone cutter.

Mix in a little feta cheese as well, very yum!


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