Salad dressing marinade

I have a couple of salad dressings that I love that I thought would make great marinades and they did.

Usually my salad dressing marinade is on chicken drum sticks or chicken wings and occasionally roasted chicken (all with skin on) so I’m not sure how that would translate to other meats.

Honey mustard, Italian or French dressings are my most used.

As per usual marinate your meat as long as possible to soak up the flavours. Be liberal. Pan fry, bbq or bake as your normal times would be.

This is a great method if summer is waning and you’re not likely to use up that 1/2 bottle of dressing in the fridge on a salad before the use by date.

Check out the ingredients list on the back of the bottle and add a few more fresh herbs or garlic or …. to give it a bit of extra ooompf or to dress when serving.

Of course you can make fresh marinades to do this as well, the flavour will be a little more intense.

I’ve used salad dressing in my rissoles/ meatballs/ hamburger patties for a different spin on things.

Last night I used Thai lemongrass and coriander, on chicken drumsticks ( a quick slice on the meaty part to soak up the flavours in a hurry).  In my opinion this made a much better marinade than salad dressing.  Serving with fried rice and spring rolls.

If the dressing has honey just beware it’s a sugar and can burn easily.

I’ve not tried this with caesar or ranch so not sure how the creamy based dressings go.

Below: Honey mustard dressing chicken drumsticks, panfried.

chicken. salad dressing.hon-mustard


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