Easy chocolate self saucing pudding

The cheapest and easiest pudding you will ever make.

Frozen lunches

Now that my freezer is much emptier after the Christmas feasting I can catch up with what I need.  Today when I went shopping I bought 6 fresh bread rolls and some sliced deli meats. I made up the rolls with meat as per the usual meat roll, popped back in the rolls bag, dated, freeze. (keep for a couple of months)  Why do I do this, well there are those times that you really do have nothing in the cupboard or haven’t been shopping for a bit.  There are only so many vegemite sandwiches you can dole out in a row.   Sometimes I’m just in a hurry, I don’t have time to make lunches, this way the guys can just grab their own on their way to work.  You can make sandwiches, those I wrap in cling film first.  99% of the time they are defrosted by lunch and just as fresh as they were when you popped them in the freezer.


I love a recipe that you can get more than one variety out of, like cakes, muffins and biscuits. By more than one I mean make one big mix, and what I call divide and conquer.  Today it was basic muffins.  I mixed one basic batch up that  makes 24 muffins and I managed to get 8 raspberry and almond flakes, 8 choc chip and 8  with sultanas, cinnamon and walnuts.  I like that I can get 3 different kinds of muffins in one short time, with one mixing bowl, one oven heating and yes one clean up after.

Basic Muffins

A really easy base recipe for muffins.

Brussel sprouts

An easy way to sneak brussel sprouts into a dinner is to add them to your coleslaw.  Slice thinly like your cabbage and that’s what sprouts look like, cabbage. Before dressing is added make sure it’s mixed and tossed evenly.  3 or 4 is a good starter but it depends on how much cabbage you’re using, don’t over do it.  Great Vitamin C and A.

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