Basic White Sauce

My Nana made hers this way, I started microwaving it due to time in dinner prep. For over vegetables, corned beef. You can double the recipe for a lasagne (bechamel sauce). This is not the French way with the roux, it's a quick simple microwave version.

Noodle seasoning sachet

Do you ever buy 2 minute noodles but never use the seasoning sachets for them? Try the seasoning mixed with a tablespoon of plain flour, coat chicken pieces and bake or fry.  OR you can sprinkle over potatoes and bake.

French bread stick sandwiches

French bread sticks are a great way to make snack sized sandwiches for picnics, parties etc as each sandwich can be held in one hand, has a crust around, won’t fall apart easily and is still only a couple of bites.

Or you can just slice the bread and everyone pops on their own filling.

Also can be made as toasted sandwiches OR French toast.

These are wonderful as little kid sandwiches as they are easy to hold in little hands

Kid sized sandwiches

Make little sized sandwiches for little sized hands by slicing a French bread stick into rounds and making as per the usual fillings your child would normally like. If need be can still be cut in half.

If need be you can cut a hot dog roll into slices to to make sanwiches for little sized hands. You can then do white, grain or wholemeal bread.

Capsicum egg rings

Slice approx 1 centimetre ring off your favourite capsicum, pop into a heated frypan cracking in an egg as per egg rings.  Cook to your preferred doneness, serving as you normally would.  You can also use onion rings if you have a big enough onion and a small enough egg.

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