Nail polish

Nail polish is not just for nails.  I buy my plain gold brads or split pins at the stationary store; they are a lot cheaper, in boxes of 100 and in many sizes.  I buy cheap nail polish in various colours and paint the brads. For best results make sure you paint all around the sides (I do this first) then dab the tops and make sure they have time to dry well before using.  I stand them in a piece of polystyrene and paint a few in a row of a few colours and leave overnight.  ** I’ve used clear nail polish as a glossy highlight on a flower for a card or to highlight dots etc on scrapping card to be used (polish is thinner than the proper product so be aware it can spread)  ** There are many more uses for nail polish around the house, to stop a frayed thread, to cover a scratch, on the end of a shoe lace are just a few.


I collect ribbons as do my  friends.  The ribbons that hang a dress in the store but get in the way when you wear them. The ribbons that are on the shoulder of a t-shirt for hanging. The ribbons from presents. They just pop them in a zip loc bag for when they see me.  I started collecting ribbons when I started making cards for donations, this keeps the $ factor down, but still make a nice card to donate.

Masking tape freezer labels

Masking tape, painters tape or paper tape, they are all basically the same thing. They come in a few colours with various widths, you can buy it anywhere.  With a permanent marker I like masking tape as a freezer label, it’s always the length you need, you get lots of it in a roll and it’s pretty cheap.  For the freezer I put masking tape labels on my click clack containers that I store left overs in.  The tape peels off the containers really easily for washing.  Name, date, large or small meal, what leftovers, 6 chops, 8 chicken tenders …

Lemon, Mint & Rosemary Lamb

Good for lamb chops or roast.

Flavoured Oats

When my boys were little they were happy to have plain oats with a little honey or golden syrup. Flavoured oats in packets and boxes later became the, “can we get those”  item in our house.  No.  So I started making my oats with chocolate or strawberry flavoured milk, or we’d grate some fresh apple with sultanas/raisins or cinnamon in, then there is no need for extra sugar.  I like whole oats best. I do them in the microwave and it only takes 5 minutes.  Your favourite flavoured milk can now be your favourite flavoured oats.

Make your own quick oats by putting them in a food processor and blitz, be careful not to to end up wit oat flour.

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